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Apr. 23rd, 2009 @ 05:06 pm ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING DREAMWIDTH!!!!!!!!!!!
Alright f-list, listen up. I realize that most of you and I don't talk often these days, which...yeah. Sorry 'bout that. I'm barely here to post right now, given the eighteen windows open that need to be dealt with in the next 45 minutes.

However, there is something that you need to pay attention to. Dreamwidth Studios, which is a new alternative to livejournal, will be opening for public use on April 30th. And I, for one, will be out of here on that date. I'm just waiting to create an account at this point. I'll be crossposting, but all comments will have to be left there. (If you insist on not getting an account, use OpenID.)

And why am I so quick to run off to another site, especially considering how great my track record is with keeping accounts open on sites other than lj? (Which is to say, I normally maintain most accounts for a month. Sometimes.) 

Because synecdochic , the wonderful woman who is behind Dreamwidth, is a) brilliant, b) has managed to convince me through a series of posts on the subject since the first time she raised the issue, c) has pretty much the best diversity statement on the planet, and d) the guiding principles make more sense to me than lj's ever have.

I love lj. I grew up hanging around here, and the people on this site have taught me a lot. My f-list has been there for me through some shitty times and through some good ones. And I'm not completely abandoning my livejournal. I just...I believe in Dreamwidth and am willing to relocate where my thoughts dwell.

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